I have has Asthma since I was about 4. I think my dad and mom noticed some thing was going on when I couldn’t breath so then they probably took me in to the hospital and that’s how they new.

If you are in my class you have probably notices me going home some days or seeing me in gym taking my puffer well,   my Asthma has been acting up. When you have Asthma you are allergic to nature, smoke, dust stuff like that.  So what happens when I have an Asthma attack is there are bronculer tubes going into my  lungs that brings the air into your lungs and take it out, and when I  do physical activity or am around smoke, nature, and  dust (only some times dust) my bronculer tubes swell up to this little hole so I cant breath and then micas builds up and makes it smaller so I cant breath but what I use to make it o back to normal is my Ventolin ( Ventoilin is one of my medications). So last Thursday and Friday it was really bad so I went to a hospital and now I have to take a pill to help me.

That’s all bye

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