Story Time ( when I got asked if I wanted for candy)

It was winter out side, I was out side with my brother, Colton, my cousin (Dominic). and we were having a snow ball fight in a ditch and this car comes swooping around the corner and speeding to us but then it stared to go really slow and I thought it was just looking for a cabin because I live around lots of cabins. well any way he stopped and rolled down his window and said ” hay you guys would you like some candy I bet I have some that you like just come in side the car” and we said ” NO are you crazy”  and he drove away. Then we ran back really fast as we were running my brother said don’t tell baba or dad and we all said ok (even in my head I new I was going to tell) so we went back. When I got In side I whisper into my baba’s ear I have to tell you something later.

The End That’s my story hope you liked it ( it is a true story)

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