My Glass Angle

  My mom was in the hospital sense I was three to when seven (she died when I was seven)  but a couple months before she died the doctors told her that there was nothing that they could do there was no cure. when my mom told me I was really sad because she was the only one who understood me at that time and I was a mothers girl, so when she told me she gave me this angle. The angle that she gave me is holding a pink heart and the dress is a little bit different then the picture but it really like it. When ever I look at it it reminds me of my mom.
     Its not just an angle its a guardian angel because my mom told me she was going to be my guardian angel. I will keep it for ever.


I have has Asthma since I was about 4. I think my dad and mom noticed some thing was going on when I couldn’t breath so then they probably took me in to the hospital and that’s how they new.

If you are in my class you have probably notices me going home some days or seeing me in gym taking my puffer well,   my Asthma has been acting up. When you have Asthma you are allergic to nature, smoke, dust stuff like that.  So what happens when I have an Asthma attack is there are bronculer tubes going into my  lungs that brings the air into your lungs and take it out, and when I  do physical activity or am around smoke, nature, and  dust (only some times dust) my bronculer tubes swell up to this little hole so I cant breath and then micas builds up and makes it smaller so I cant breath but what I use to make it o back to normal is my Ventolin ( Ventoilin is one of my medications). So last Thursday and Friday it was really bad so I went to a hospital and now I have to take a pill to help me.

That’s all bye


  First of all I love Paris I have always wanted to go there. I will be telling you some facts.

  1. did you know that Paris wasn’t the actual name it was   Lutetia Parisiorum
  2. There are 181 places to get and expresso for 1 cent in Paris (true fact).
  3. The shortest street in Paris is 5.75 meters.
  4. The Eiffel tower was once yellow.
  5. For four decades the Eiffel tower was the tallest structure.
  6. The radio saved the Eiffel tower from destruction.
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Story Time ( when I got asked if I wanted for candy)

It was winter out side, I was out side with my brother, Colton, my cousin (Dominic). and we were having a snow ball fight in a ditch and this car comes swooping around the corner and speeding to us but then it stared to go really slow and I thought it was just looking for a cabin because I live around lots of cabins. well any way he stopped and rolled down his window and said ” hay you guys would you like some candy I bet I have some that you like just come in side the car” and we said ” NO are you crazy”  and he drove away. Then we ran back really fast as we were running my brother said don’t tell baba or dad and we all said ok (even in my head I new I was going to tell) so we went back. When I got In side I whisper into my baba’s ear I have to tell you something later.

The End That’s my story hope you liked it ( it is a true story)

Slava Dut

In 1985 Salva was 11 years old he was one of the “Lost Boys of Sudan”. During that fight, a number of the Lost Boys got perished from hunger and thirst. With some lucky surviors, Slava escaped to the relative safety of Ethiopia and later to Kenya.

As a teenager in 1990 Slava led 1,500 of the Lost Boys from Ethiopia across lots and lots of deserts miles to get to the United Nations. Later he lived in a barb wire enclosed camp with 92,000 other refugees.

In 1996 under the aspices of the united state Department and the united nations, about 3,800 of the Lost Boys including Salva came to the u.s while others went to Australia and Canada. Arriving in 1996 Slava  spoke a little bit of English and didn’t do good in Education.

In January 2002, Slava learnd from one of his fellow refugees that his father (Mawien Dut was searisuly ill in a UN clinic. Slava and his dad have not seen each other over 16 years. Slava was Sensing that thiscould be the last opportunity to reunite with his father, so he returned to sudan. When he got there he discoverd that his father was suffering from Waterborne parasites and diseas.

In 2003  he raise funs and drill water wells, It has become Slava’s life mission. Slava became an American citizen and studied International Business. While working as president and drilling manager of the Water for South Sudan, Inc.

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