I Have Osgood Schlatters Disease


Before I start here is a link please read it it enplanes what is  Osgood Schlatters Disease


My story

  So I started to have pain in my knee when I played sports and there was a pump under it. It was a couple days later and the pain started to increase so my dad and my baba got me a braise for sports, We thought that was going to help.

  It was weeks later and I was still complaining of the pain so I decided to go to Pan Am because I didn’t have a doctor, me and my dad had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning and leave at 5:00 to be at lest third in line witch we were. When we got there we had to wait a while out side until we went in. We got in and we were third in line, so we got called and we went to the desk and we told them briefly were it is hurting then they told us to go sit back down. 15 minuets later we got called into this little room but it wasn’t the doctor, we told them what happened and where it hurts, how long its been hurting, what kind of medication I’m on and stuff like that then they told us to go back and sit down and we will be the first people to see the doctor.

  Now the doctor didn’t come till 8:00 and it was 7:00 so we had to wait an hour. Right away at 8:00 some one called me into the doctor room and in there I waited for the doctor. The doctor finally came and stand right beside me and asked me were it hurt, so I showed him He said “bend your knee” so I did, he started to move my knee to see if there was anything wrong there. He did a few tests then he said I know what’s wrong, he told us that I had Osgood Schlatters Disease, what I can do and hat I cant, what I have to take for the pain, what I have to wear for activity’s and all that stuff.

  We went down stairs of Pan Am to get this thing that goes between your knee and the bump that forms when you have Osgood Schlatters Disease. This nice lady helped me find my size and told us the cost for it and it was $45.

  I’m still living with Osgood Schlatters Disease and it wont go away till I stop growing, so in a couple of years.

That’s My story Hoped you liked it.:)

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