What I’m Doing This Weekend

Well, On Thursday one of my best friend Kylie is coming for a sleepover and we are going to the movies the movie that we are going to see is Allegiant, playing games, just dance, playing with my dog and a lot of other stuff. And its spring break.

On Friday kylie leaves.

On Saturday we are celebrating Easter and my brother (Christopher ) Birthday.

I know this blog post is short but that’s all I have for today, hear are some pictures of what my and kylie are going to do.

The Rant



Have you heard of a rant? Well a rant is something that you hate or something that other people do that irritates you.

Well, I hate when people scrape their teeth on forks or spoons. It’s so annoying and when you do that it scrapes the enamel off your teeth. I also hate it when someone    licks the ketchup off the chip and puts it back in the bag. LIke, how do you think it feels for the person that eats the chip it’s all slimy and soggy and they have to eat it because they don’t know that you licked all the ketchup off. And for the fork why would you do that and, if you do than you will not have perfect teeth because the enamel is off.


Bad Things That Has Happened In My Life

Lots of you people in my class know all these things but people that are around the world don’t know this.

So in 2007 I was three years old and my mom went in to the hospital and they said that she had cancer ( Leukemia ). And My mom would go in and out of the hospital and than she would change hospital between Winnipeg and Gimil

Than in 2011 my mom told me that she was going to die and that there was nothing that the doctor could do so we tried to spend a lot of time with each other. a couple months later she past away 🙁 it was really hard and I still have not going threw it well.

It was ether 2011 or 2012 and we were living in this old house and it got on fire yes it was really bad. At the time of the house on fire my dad was at my baba’s right beside the burning house and my dad ran in trying to save my cat but when he got in my cat was dead. 🙁

The end of bad things that have happened in my life

What I Wonder……….

I wonder what it would feel like to grow up with a mom, how my life would be, if my life would go in different directions.

I alertly now if my mom was alive than I wouldn’t have to stay at my baba’s for four days when my dad works. But I just wonder what else would be different.

This wasn’t really a topic that  I thought about before, when my friends talk about there mom I don’t get bothered but it just popped in my mined and it has just been stuck in there so I wanted to write a blog post about it 🙂


What I’m Doing On The Weekend

Today which is Thursday my friend Niki is coming for a sleepover. Me and Niki are going to have so much fun, here and some of the things that we are going to do. We are making brownies, We are going to do the bean boozled challenge, watch a scary movie, going out side, and lots of other stuff.

    Then on Saturday I’m going to dance and I dance at Evolution dance company. Then finally on Sunday I don’t know what I’m doing .

What Happened Before The Picture


      Well one day it was nice and warm but all of the sudden clouds started to come in but they were black. It started to get windy and rain so people went into their houses, to watch all the wind and rain. Everyone’s phone rang with the tornado sirens. All of the sudden, a tornado struck down with thunder and lightning. Everyone went into their crawl space or bathroom. When the tornado left only one person was alive. All the houses were either upside down or Just distroyed. The one person who was alive was a kid. He didn’t know what to do so he just wanderedthe-fantastic-flying-books-of-mr-morris-lessmore-9781442457027.in01