Should we be helping this situation.

We should help because all of this killing and fighting is just leading to wars. We might risk are life sending troops but I want to help and this is what we have to do and what we need to stop all of this nonsense.

This could lead to much worse things like more people, innocent people will die. We do not want that to happen more people will be fleeing there country with no were to go. And ISIS will not stop they will gust go to county to county to county.

You Wont See It Comming


Dear: Brittany


 Thanks for the gum.

      I will get you back and you wont see it coming and how you like it if i gave it to you.

   Just so you know it was SO gross i would rather eat boogers at least i wouldn’t have garlic breath.

   My dad   thought it was funny because I had garlic breath. My eyes turned red and I had to go to the hospital.

    love: your friend Chloe

     P.S: when you gave it to me I thought it was watermelon gum.